d a t a b a s e

A database is a collection of items or records gathered together in an organized manner. The most common use for a database on a website is e-commerce. The database allows accurate and timely display of the product, product information and product pricing.

The term database originated within the computing discipline. Although its meaning has been broadened by popular use, even to include non-electronic databases. The properties and design of database systems are included in the study of information science. A computer database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system so that a computer program or person using a query language can consult it to answer queries. The records retrieved in answer to queries are information that can be used to make decisions.

The term database refers to the collection of related records, and the software should be referred to as the database management system or DBMS. When the context is ambiguous, however, many database administrators and programmers use the term database to cover both meanings.

The most popular database system used on the web today is MySql. Successful online presence such as YouTube, Adobe, Nokia, flickr etc. are pioneers in using MySql applications. We also like MySql for online database system because of it's rich libraries. We can set you up using this popular system so you can stay on top of technological advances and update your system without interrupting your sales.

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