m e r c h a n t

Merchant services accounts allow you to accept credit cards. If you have an established business, you probably already have a merchant account that lets you accept credit cards and deposit the money into your bank account instantly.

With an internet merchant account, merchants will process their customer cards through their website. These sales are typically received through a secured gateway on the internet. By offering your customers the ease of processing their cards on your website you will, in a sense, be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You want a merchant services account that understands both the opportunities and the risks on the Internet, and that may not be your current bank. You want low merchant service fees, high security, reliability and good customer service for both you and your clients.

We provide consulting services to help our clients choose a suitable Payment Gateway Partner and assisst our clients to interface their on-line shopping cart with the payment gateway. If you are new retailer, we may advice you to use a 3rd party processing for your payment needs.


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