f l a s h

Flash is a method by which animated graphics on your website is delivered. A flash intro is an animated introduction to your website. They can be exciting and even provide a good introduction to you and your business.

You want flash design that is unique and supports your online advertising goals. A good flash design can not only look good, but also take into account the purpose of your site and works to enhance that purpose. Good flash design never exists just for itself; rather it's there to improve your customer's and your client's experiences on your site. The best flash design can create a buzz about your website, bringing in new customers and clients as well as making sure your existing customers and clients return again and again.

An expert flash designer will work to understand your business, and your goals for your website. The flash designer will then work with you to create flash that gets the attention of your exisiting and potential customers.

Adobe Flash, initially known as Shockwave Flash and popularly called simply Flash, refers to both the Adobe Flash Player and to the Adobe Flash Professional multimedia authoring program. Adobe Flash Professional is used to create content for the Adobe Engagement Platform (such as web applications, games and movies, and content for mobile phones and other embedded devices). The Flash Player, developed and distributed by Adobe Systems (which acquired Macromedia in a merger that was finalized in December 2005), is a client application available in most common web browsers. It features support for vector and raster graphics, a scripting language called ActionScript and bi-directional streaming of audio and video. There are also versions of the Flash Player for mobile phones and other non-PC devices.

Initially focused on animation, early versions of Flash content offered few interactivity features and thus had very limited scripting capability. More recent versions include ActionScript, an implementation of the ECMAScript standard which therefore has the same syntax as JavaScript, but in a different programming framework with a different associated set of class libraries. ActionScript is used to create almost all of the interactivity (buttons, text entry fields, pick lists) seen in many Flash applications.

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