a u d i o / v i d e o

Sound and movement can be added to your website using Audio/Video technologies. Your online advertising campaign might benefit from a snippet of digital music coupled with a brief movie or video of your product and service. You might want to make a digital audio recording of you telling your company story and have it broadcast right from your website. Properly done, audio and or video can make a compelling presentation that informs and entertains your clients and customers. What is important to note, is that any audio/visual component of a website should not delay the visitor from finding the information for which they are looking.

The power of web-audio and video is their ability to illicit experiences by presenting information in a linear narrative that appeals to the senses of sound and sight. This ability attracts and focuses an audience's attention on the material you want highlighted; it presents that material in an easily digestible format; it clarifies the meaning and significance of critical details; and it penetrates viewers' consciousness so that the information is retained.

The following types of audio and video web-presentations can be used to deliver a variety of material:

  • Web-commercials and Email Campaigns
  • Special Promotions and Product Offerings
  • Product Descriptions and Overviews
  • Testimoníals and Reviews
  • How To Instructions and Tutorials
  • Frequently Asked Questíons and Q&As
  • Expert Lectures, Analysis and Opinion
  • Background and History
  • Personality, Staff, and Business Profiles
  • Podcasts
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